The long timespan one works in an office chair sitting in the same position on a chair can affect the back & the spine to a great extent. So, the health is an important consideration with respect to this. In that case, the chairs must be one that can actually fetch all the comforts. A worker will be dedicated to his job only when his work time and his workplace afford him proper comforts. The strenuous body pains prove to be the major result of a worker escaping from his work.

In the next section, we shall go through some chairs that are suitably made for the avoidance of a back pain.


Some chairs are genuinely made for people to cure them up from facing regular back pains. Spending long working hours with terrible back pain is not an expected one. Ofcourse, there are some office chairs that can reduce all back pains. The noteworthy are mentioned below:

  1. Embody Chair by Herman Miller

The chair has features like casters, a five-point base, the seating chamber is foamy that has coils in addition; the backrest portion is curved and is also small in size to rest the back. The hydraulic system of the chair is an additional feature that allows the body to adjust well.

  1. Steel care gesture chair

This chair can accommodate a variety of body positions which will support the back and will also not cause a neck pain. The technology that is used here is exclusive which mimics the natural body movements and thus suit any structure.

  1. Herman Miller Aeron chair

The biomorphic body features are used in this chair that can bring a comfort to the body. The lower back pain is totally eliminated with this chair. There are different sizes with this chair which can fetch a super comfortable experience.

  1. Haworth body chair

This chair has some exceptional reviews from the customers to be the best affordable office chair that can recover any pale condition of the body that is brought by the chair.


Though the chairs are always designed in a great manner to avoid any kind of a back pain in addition to the chairs, there are certain postures that must be kept in mind to void back pains.

  • Sitting right is a perfect option. If the body is maintained in perpendicular positions. So, there is a need to maintain proper postures which will help in correcting the office chair
  • The adjustments must be proper to maintain the height, seat and also maintain the back.
  • The back support is brought by the lumbar support which curves according to the curvature of the back. The more the lumbar support functioning the better will be the chair of the person.
  • Resting the legs on the footrest is yet another option to check the posture. When the foot is kept in a perfect position it allows a better blood circulation.
  • The arms must be adjusted to give a relaxed condition to the arms and also avoid the tight shoulders.
  • Whenever the chair becomes outdated with the wearing and tearing of the parts, it is important to get it replaced as soon as possible.

When the maintenance of the correct body postures is maintained well then it will help in giving an added advantage with the chairs.



These days, in most corporate sectors the work hours are tiresome being hooked up to the same task for longer hours. So, it is essential on behalf of both the individual as well as the office to take care of the health of the employees. When the employees are healthy they will give the better work outputs.